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At Working Capital r Us we guide you to find the best lending options for you and your business

Working Capital r Us brings decades of experience and expertise to get businesses the best fit in financing solutions. The Financial lending industry can have many traps and turns; hence we and our team are here to guide you to your best lending options.

Our team

Jon Meyer

Jon Meyer is Working Capital r Us’s CEO with over 20 years of experience in selling various financial products such as mortgages, business loans and asset-based loans. Jon graduated from Molloy College with a BA in Business Management.

Max Thind

Max Thind ,Vice President is a young professional with experience in the fields of Financial Services, Risk Management, Insurance (P&C), Game Production & Asset Management. He has interned with HAB Bank & Nassau County Comptroller. Max has attended reputed Baruch College in Manhattan.

Emily Perez

Emily Perez is Assistant Vice President of Working Capital r Us. She helps business clients know what kind of financing and products are available to meet their business funding requirements. Emily brings a depth of experience working in accounting, hospitality & entertainment sectors.

Dante Novoa

Dante Novoa is a bright and rising Baruch College Accounting undergrad with experience in startups & small business’s needs. He brings an accountant’s analytical skill set to making sure you get the best loan for your fit.

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